About the Site

Bryan GillespieMy name is Bryan Gillespie (CV), and this is my personal blog. I am currently a senior in mathematics at the Pennsylvania State University, and I will be applying to math graduate schools this coming fall. Eventually I hope to make a career out of mathematical research.

I am writing here for several reasons. First, I would like to share with others some of the grace and beauty that I encounter on a daily basis in my studies and explorations. Second, I would like to subject my mathematical exposition to the scrutiny of a public audience. Finally, I would like to codify the better of my thoughts and mathematical work in a way that is more formal, well-organized, and easily accessible than a stack of papers in a binder.

Entries will discuss:

  • Neat mathematical notions
  • Topics related to my current research
  • Solutions to textbook exercises
  • Proofs of Classic problems
  • Open problems
  • Aesthetics and mathematical philosophy
  • Interesting mathematicians
  • Mathematical history
  • Amusing anecdotes
  • Anything else that catches my eye

So in other words, anything mathematical is fair game. I’ll be expounding on my personal experiences and studies, and if that happens to take my writing somewhere novel, all the better.

Finally, in the spirit of humility, I remind you that while I am a strong student, I’m not yet a tried mathematician, and so my writing should in no way be taken as authoritative. I will be very careful to ensure that the work published on this site is accurate and complete, but please read critically in case there are mistakes.


All blog entries are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. That means that you are free to redistribute any entry, in part or in whole, as long as:

  • You attribute the work to its author
  • You do not use the work for any commercial purpose
  • You do not alter, transform, or build upon the work

Note that while this last condition forbids redistribution of modified versions of my work, I encourage the reuse of ideas and proofs found on the site, as long as such use is cited where appropriate.

In the event that you have a use in mind that falls outside of the scope of this license, feel free to contact me at bgillespie@epsilonsmall.com to discuss your idea.


Email addresses are collected from site users wishing to comment on posts. This is done so that there is some culpability for comments which are offensive or inflammatory, and in most cases these emails will never even be looked at. These addresses are not displayed on the site, and they will never be used for commercial purposes.

The site also collects anonymous usage information using Google Analytics. This information is gathered out of curiosity, and is for my personal use only. If I ever decide to include advertisements on the site, this usage information may be used to guide advertising decisions, and may also be provided to Google’s AdWords algorithm to help target text-based advertisements.

This privacy policy should not change much. In the event that it does need to change, I will post modifications here at least two weeks before they take effect.